Mini Datahack

Online 28-05-2016 08:00 PM to 28-05-2016 11:00 PM
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  • 1st Prize : Rs. 30k

    2nd Prize : Rs. 15k

    3rd Prize : Rs 10k


Mini DataHack is a Machine Learning competition where you will need to solve a given dataset. Indulge yourself in this3 hours datahackwhere you will get to analyse your skill sets among other data practitioners. Don’t miss on this chance as this will be an experience full of learning.
Mini DataHack will be held on 28th May from 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM (IST). Get to win cash prize of INR 55K (~$810).

Skills required:

  1. To participate in this competition, you must have knowledge of SAS/R/Python/Julia/Go.
  2. You must have knowledge on machine learning algorithms.
  3. Data exploration skills is also required.

Other Details:

  1. The contest starts at 8:00PM (IST) on 28th May 2016, when the data set and the problem statement will be released.
  2. No submissions would be accepted after 11:00PM (IST) 28th May 2016.
  3. People are free and are encouraged to post their challenges / findings / solutions on the discussion portal in the following category: Online hackathon
  4. The best entries as judged by the metric and Analytics Vidhya gets the winning prizes.
  5. After the end of contest, we will release winner's solution to the wider community

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