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About Practice Problem : Strategic Thinking

Strategy has never been more challenging, or more important, than in today’s environment of global competition.

Thinking strategically’ has now become a necessity if you want a successful career in analytics. 

We will be providing you with case studies on MCQ.

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  • You can refer our learning path to learn more about the tools and technologies required to solve Data science problems. You can find it here.


  • The question are MCQ types. There are 57 questions in the mini hack. Each question carries equal marks. The time allotted is 180 minutes.

  • There is no negative marking for any wrong answer.

  • There is only one option correct for each question.

  • Once an answer is submitted for a question, the participant is not allowed to visit the question again.

  • There are 2 case studies in the hack. Once the participant exits from one case study, it will be submitted along with the given answers. The participant is not allowed to visit the submitted case study again.

  • In case of multiple participants getting equal aggregate marks, the one taking the least time to complete the hack will be the winner.

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