Pre-Bootcamp : Experience Live Learning - Perform Data Analysis using SQL!

Online 14-05-2022 02:00 PM to 15-05-2022 04:00 PM
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About Pre-Bootcamp

Want to experience Bootcamp Learning Experience?

Pre-Bootcamp is a mini-version of the actual bootcamp program offered by Analytics Vidhya. As part of the Pre-Bootcamp you get to experience - 

  • Industry-Relevant Curriculum & Projects
  • Live Online Classes by Industry Experts
  • Assignments and Assessment to test yourself

At the end of the series, you will be given an assessment test. If you score well in the exam, you will be shortlisted for the Data Science Immersive Bootcamp Program with scholarship upto INR 20,000!

Please Note! The Pre-Bootcamp is only available for the first 1250 Registrations! 

Perform Data Analysis using SQL

Are you curious about performing Data Analysis using SQL? Create a Database and also perform Data Analysis in the 2 day Pre-Bootcamp. Below is the training curriculum -

Day 1 - Getting Started with SQL

  1. Overview
    1. What is SQL?
    2. Why SQL?
  2. Understanding Database
    1. Data, Dataset, Database
    2. Why Database
    3. Database and Relational Database
    4. Data Normalization - 3 Forms
    5. Constraints Related to Data Normalization
    6. ER Diagram
  3. Understanding Interface - Experience SSMS Environment
  4. Beginning With SQL
    1. Types of SQL Commands - DDL, DML, DQL, DCL, TCL
    2. Naming Connotations

Day 2 - Create a Database and Perform Data Analysis

  1. Databases Practical - Creating Database
  2. Table Practical
    1. Creating Table
    2. Bulk Insert
  3. Data Types In SQL
  4. Constraints - 6 Constraints
  5. Data Analysis in SQL- Solve a Business Problem Statement

Prerequisite - Enthusiasm for learning SQL!

Schedule of Pre-Bootcamp

The SQL edition of the Pre-Bootcamp consists of 2 classes. Here’s the schedule of the classes - 

Class Date Time

Getting Started with SQL

14 May (Saturday)

2PM - 4PM

Create a database and perform Data Analysis

15 May (Sunday)

2PM - 4PM

What is Data Science Immersive Bootcamp?

The Data Science Immersive Bootcamp Program is a Job Guaranteed Program offered by Analytics Vidhya. It’s a live instructor led program where you get to learn Data Science, Analytics, Data Engineering and also get an optional internship. Here are few highlights of the program - 

  • 100% Placement Record
  • 250% Salary Hike
  • 8.3 Lac Avg Salary

About Instructor

Bharti Singhal

A learner, dreamer, and passionate about modern tools and technology like Excel 365, Power BI, SQL, and Six Sigma to name a few. 

Total Experience 15+ years including more than a decade of experience in S&P Global and ongoing 4+ years of experience as a Freelance trainer with fast-growing startups & few MNCs. Clients served: Startups, MSME to a few of the Big 4 Consulting firms.

Trained more than 2500 professionals in the last 4 years on various skills.

How To Attend the Classes? 

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  3. The Zoom Link will be unlocked once you have registered.
  4. Join the Zoom link at the time of class. 
  5. The Recording of the session will be updated on the page on the next day of the session.

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