Query Domain Classification

Online 24-01-2023 11:59 PM to 31-12-2023 11:59 PM
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About Practice Problem

Analytics Vidhya is bringing you a series of practice problems for all the data scientists out there to apply your knowledge on the real world datasets, learn new techniques and improve your skill set.

Why Should You Participate?

Participating in data science practice hackathons can be beneficial for several reasons:

Develop and improve data science skills: Hackathons provide an opportunity to work on real-world problems and learn new techniques.

Networking: Hackathons bring together a diverse group of individuals with different skill sets and backgrounds, providing an opportunity to build professional connections.

Practice for competitions: Hackathons can be a good way to prepare for other data science competitions or Kaggle challenges.

It's fun: Participating in a hackathon can be a fun and exciting experience, and it's a great way to meet like-minded people who are passionate about data science.

Rules and Conditions

  1. Use of an external dataset is not allowed.
  2. Participation is free-of-charge.
  3. Throughout the Event, you are expected to respect fellow hackers and act with high integrity.
  4. We hold the right to disqualify any participant at any stage of the competition if the participant(s) are deemed to be acting fraudulently.
  5. In case of any dispute over rankings and leaderboard, the decision of Analytics Vidhya will be final.

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