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About Skilltest: SAS

SAS is an undisputed market leader in commercial analytics space. It holds the highest market share in private organizations. With its stable GUI interface, it is easy to learn. With its good data handling and graphical capabilities SAS becomes an important tool for any data scientist. There is a huge industry demand for any data science professionals skilled in SAS. The topic covered for this skilltest is Base Programming for SAS. You will only be answering questions retaled to all concepts under Base Programming for SAS. 
Participate in this 2-hour skill assessment challenge and test your knowledge of SAS. 


  • The questions are MCQ types. Each question carries equal marks. The time allotted is 120 minutes.
  • There is no negative marking for any wrong answer.
  • There is only one option correct for each question.
  • Once an answer is submitted for a question, the participant is not allowed to visit the question again.

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