Student Hunt 2017

Online 14-10-2017 12:00 AM to 15-10-2017 11:59 PM
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  • Prizes worth 3 lakhs up for grabs!


Calling all passionate students in the world to be a part of this machine learning competition! If you are a student and have ever wondered why do you need to compete against working professionals to make your mark - worry no more! The idea behind these hackathon is simple - we want the students to shine and stand out. This hackathon will prepare you for a promising future and provide you the recognition for your skill sets!

So, if you dream to be a data scientist (or are one already) and are a student, here is your chance to stand out from the rest of the Crowd! Come, join the hack.

Participate in this competition and takeaway large number of incentives.

1. Get a chance to interact with leading data scientists at DataHack Summit.

2. Position yourself as the machine learning champ in your college.
3. Get featured on student leaderboard.
4. Get noticed by leading recruiters on Analytics Vidhya
5. Enough resources for you to prep yourself for the data science challenges.


Prizes worth 3 lakhs up for grab!. Rank in the top 20, and get exclusive tickets for India's Largest Data Science Event, in Bengaluru,DataHack Summit 2017.

  • Top 3 contestants will get a free pass to the Conference worth INR 15k!
  • Contestants from ranks 4-5 will get a 50% OFFon Conference Tickets (2 days and 3 daysPass)
  • Contestants from ranks 6-10 will get a 40% OFFon Conference Tickets (2 days and 3 daysPass)
  • Contestants from ranks 11-20 will get a 25% OFFon Conference Tickets (2 days and 3 daysPass)

Along with this, You will be felicitated in front of a huge crowd in DataHack Summit!



  1. Who is a student?
    Any one undergoing a course from a recognised university or college will be considered as a student.

  2. I am undergoing a part time course, will I be considered as student?

  3. I am a student, but I am unable to register for this hackathon?
    First, create a profile on Analytics Vidhya (SignUp) and then register yourself as a Student here.

  4. What do you need in a Photo id?
    A photo id is an identification issued by your college / university acknowledging that you are a student. The id would typically have your roll number, start date and end date

  5. How long will it take to be verified as a student?
    We will do it with in a couple of days. Normally, it is faster than that.

Contest Guidelines

  • One person cannot participate with more than one user accounts.
  • Appropriate taxes will be applicable on the prize money.
  • You cannot use external data for modelling


  • You are free to use any tool and machine you have rightful access to.
  • You can use any programming language or statistical software.

Solution Checker

  • You are free to use solution checker as many times as you want.
  • Adding comment is mandatory for use of solution checker
  • Comments will help you to refer to a particular solution at a later point in time.

Final Submissions

  • Setting final submission is mandatory. If you don't make final submission, your entry would be dis-qualified.
  • No submissions would be entertained after the hackathon ends.
  • Code file is mandatory while setting final submission. For GUI based tools, upload zip file of snapshots of steps taken by you, else upload code file.
  • The code file uploaded should be pertaining to your final submission. If we find any discrepancy between the two, your entry would be dis-qualified.

Expected conduct

  • At any point in the hackathon, you are expected to respect fellow hackers and act with high integrity.
  • Slack Live Chat admins hold the right to blacklist / block any participant found to use foul / disrespectful language. Chat forum will be closely monitored.
  • Analytics Vidhya holds the right to disqualify any participant at any stage of competition if found indulged in fraudulent practices.

Please register/login to participate in the contest

Please register to participate in the contest

Please register to participate in the contest


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