The Smart Recruits

Online 23-07-2016 12:00 AM to 24-07-2016 11:59 PM
  • 2466


  • 171

    Number of Teams

  • 1st Prize : INR 50,000 ($750)

    2nd Prize :INR 30,000 ($ 450)

    3rd Prize : INR 20,000 ($300)


The Smart Recruits is a data science & machine learning competition. This competition will test your programming, analytics and business understanding skills.

Machine Learning is being extensively used these days in building predictive models. Availability of wide range of algorithms have empowered data scientists to discover innovative solutions to a problem.

This time the problem set gets tougher and better. Above all, even if you are a student, professional or a champ in data science, every one has something to take home this time. Lucrative cash prizes to be won!


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