DataHour: Introduction to Data-driven Decisions

Online 27-01-2022 05:00 PM to 27-01-2022 06:15 PM
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“It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data.” — Sherlock Holmes.

Efficient decision-making is the backbone of enterprise growth. Human expertise and intuition drove decisions in the last few decades. Companies can no more afford to depend on manual decision-making processes owing to the complexity of the business landscape and the need for accelerated growth in revenues. Hence data drives the decision-making in most organizations today.

We as consumers also have adopted machines to make data for our everyday activities - be it reaching a place, choosing which movies to watch, or selecting the best product to buy. Machines provide us limited choices and we are just curators of those choices. It is important that organizations enable and govern the machines to make the right set of decisions for the users as well as for themselves.

In this webinar, we will discuss the phases of data-driven decisions, where we stand today and some of the factors that influence the success of data-driven decision making in organizations.

Any Prerequisites: Enthusiasm for learning Data Science!

Who is this Webinar for?

  • Students & Freshers who want to build a career in Data Science
  • Working professionals who want to transition to a data science career
  • Data science professionals who want to accelerate their career growth


Mathangi Sri

VP Data Science & Head of Data - GoFood, Gojek

Mathangi Sri has 17+ years of proven track record in building world-class data science solutions and products. She has overall 20 patent grants in the area of intuitive customer experience and user profiles. She has recently published a book with Apress, Springer - “Practical Natural Language Processing with Python”. She is currently heading the data organization of GoFood, Gojek.

Here is a summary of her prolific career as a Data Science Leader:

  • Built data science teams across large organizations like Citibank, HSBC, GE, and tech startups like, PhonePe
  • An active contributor to the Data Science community - through lectures, talks, blogs, and advisory roles
  • Guest faculty in many premium academic institutes across the country like IIIT, IIM, NIT, etc
  • Recognized as one of “The Phenomenal SHE” by Indian National Bar Association, Top 50 Influential AI leaders in India by Analytics India magazine, Top AI leaders in India by 3AI association

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