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About WEBINAR: The Importance Of Building The Right Problem Statement In Data Science

Although one of the most ignored areas, a Problem Statement is the seed from which rest of the analytics germinates.   Defining a problem statement requires a good understanding of the domain, organization and stakeholders.  It needs to appeal to various decision makers such as Managers, Finance, Operations, etc.  The Problem Statement should include both Qualitative and Quantitative information so that one gets a buy-in - which is the focus of this webinar.
  1. Understanding your customer (internal/external), their priorities and pain points
  2. Identifying areas to collect the data
  3. Asking the right questions to collect the data
  4. Collecting Qualitative data to Quantitative data
  5. Preparing data for analysis
Krishna Mohan,  Sr. Manager, Thomson Reuters
Alumni of PGPBABI program from Great Lakes, Bangalore, Krishna has leverage on his extensive 25+ years industry experience and communication skills to help other students get interested in Data Analytics.  In particular, Krishna understands the dilemma experienced by middle-level employees who suddenly find themselves having to rechart their career.  Krishna has MBA and MS degrees from the University of Cincinnati.  He has worked for organizations such as Sprint, Lexis Nexus, Motorola and currently with Thomson Reuters.
Gaurav Pathak, GM, Admissions, Great Lakes Analytics Programs

Gaurav Pathak is a strategist, entrepreneur, consultant and trainer. He has around 7 years of experience heading marketing and growth at early stage startups. Gaurav has worked primarily in ed-tech and health-tech industries, building online brands from scratch. He is an expert in creating result oriented structured campaigns with a strong focus on experimentation and data analysis. He has an MBA from XLRI Jamshedpur and B.Tech from NIT Trichy.

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