Webinar: Getting Started with Recommendation Engines

Online 11-06-2020 07:30 PM to 11-06-2020 08:30 PM
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About the Webinar:

In today’s world, every customer is faced with multiple choices. For example, If we’re looking for a book to read without any specific idea of what we want, there’s a wide range of possibilities how our search might pan out. We might waste a lot of time browsing around on the internet and trawling through various sites hoping to strike gold. We might look for recommendations from other people.

But if there was a site or app which could recommend books based on what we have read previously, that would be a massive help. Instead of wasting time on various sites, we could just log in and voila! 10 recommended books tailored to our taste.

This is what recommendation engines do and their power is being harnessed by most businesses these days. From Amazon to Netflix and Google to Goodreads, recommendation engines are one of the most widely used applications of machine learning techniques.

In this webinar hosted by Dr. Sarabjot Singh Anand, an industry veteran who brings an immensely rich machine learning background, you will learn all about how recommendation engines work and how to get started with them as an analyst or data science professional.

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Dr. Sarabjot Singh Anand, Co-Founder and Chief Data Scientist, Tatras Data

Dr. Sarabjot Singh Anand has been involved in the field of Machine Learning since the early 1990s having worked on developing algorithms, applying them to real-world problems and training a host of data scientists in the capacity of being an academic and entrepreneur.

He has published over 90 academic papers on machine learning while an Associate Professor at the University of Warwick and previous academic posts in the United Kingdom. He has used these algorithms to develop solutions in areas as diverse as pay-per-click optimization, recommender systems, prognostic models for chronic illnesses, diver monitoring using CAN bus data, cross-selling and up-selling products in financial retail, churn prediction, house price prediction for the Telecoms, Financial, Retail, Automotive, Manufacturing and Public Sector. His first startup in Ireland won the European IST prize amongst other technology accolades.

Dr. Anand moved back to India in 2012 and co-founded Tatras Data. In 2018 he co-founded Sabudh Foundation in Mohali, Panjab to train engineering students in Machine Learning and to work on social problems in education, farming, governance and healthcare. Dr. Anand is currently adjunct faculty at IISER, Mohali.


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