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About Webinar : How to Become a Data Scientist in 2019

So you’ve made up your mind. You want to become a data scientist in 2019. Great choice! But where should you begin? There are far too many resources out there without any structure – and that is a never-ending cycle. How do you decide the starting point? When should you switch to a different topic? Did you miss out of anything?


Don’t worry, we have you covered! We are excited to kick off 2019 with the perfect opportunity for all aspiring data scientists – a webinar on how to become a data scientist in 2019! Hosted by none other than Kunal Jain, this webinar will provide a structured learning path so you can keep your focus on the things that matter in your data science journey, and eliminate distractions.


This is a webinar you do not want to miss. Enroll today and kick start the new year by giving yourself the gift of structured focus in your data science career!



Kunal Jain

Kunal Jain is the Founder and CEO of Analytics Vidhya, India’s largest and the world’s second largest data science community. Before starting Analytics Vidhya, Kunal worked in Analytics and Data Science for more than 8 years across various geographies and companies like Capital One and Aviva Life Insurance.


Kunal has interviewed hundreds of people during his career and works with several companies to help them build data science teams and capabilities.

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