Webinar: ML Model Building & Deployment

Online 12-02-2021 07:30 PM to 12-02-2021 08:30 PM
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Webinar Recording

About the Webinar: 

The one thing which stops ML models from making an impact in the real world is Deployment. Until the Model goes into Production, we won't be able to generate value from it. Also, the deployments of models help us in measuring the performance when the model is exposed to real-time production data. This helps in monitoring and improving the model further.

As we know Deployment is a very crucial part of ML Pipeline. In this webinar-

  1. We are going to develop an ML model with Xgboost and create the Flask App and Deploy it
  2. We are going to learn how to develop and deploy models quickly.

Key Takeaways from the Webinar:

In this webinar, we will look into an experts approach to-

  • Understanding Model Building Quickly
  • ML Pipeline
  • Deployment Pipeline
  • Cloud or on-premise based Deployment approaches
  • Hands-on Demo on Deployment ML Model
  • Important Pointers to keep in Mind

Who is this Webinar for?

This webinar is for all folks who are aspiring Data Scientists or working as a Data Scientist.


Arihant Jain

Arihant Jain has an Industry Experience of 7+ years in Data Science & Machine Learning & AI across Telecom, Retail, Digital, Manufacturing, IoT, and Banking Domain.

He is passionate about solving business problems through Data Science, Machine learning & Deep Learning. He believes every number has a story to tell and Being a data scientist it’s his job and passion to decode that story!


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