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About Webinar: Building products in the AI era

“AI is the new electricity” and it’s clearly driving tremendous economic value across many industries. Successful Internet companies are transforming themselves to become “AI-first”. They are putting AI at the heart of their product strategy as they realize that most winning products to emerge in next 5 years are likely to be powered by AI.


What does it take to create successful AI products? This webinar seeks answers to this momentous question.


The speaker shall throw light on the questions such as:

  • What defines successful AI products? What would lead to defensibility?
  • How do startups compete in this era since big companies have all the data and the best AI teams?

  • What are key principles to bear in mind while conceiving an AI product that can increase chances of its success?

  • What are typical roles in an AI team and what competencies do we need in members of an AI team?

  • How does the role of a product manager change in the AI era as compared to the Internet/Mobile era?


In conclusion, the speaker will discuss how AI is shaping products at Hike and playing a key role toward realizing the company’s vision. He will provide a sneak peek into the different focus areas for the AI team and the applications being worked upon.

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About the Speakers:

Debdoot Mukherjee

Head, Data Science, Hike

Debdoot leads a team that creates unique data products to weave sticky experiences in the Hike app and solves unique problems that arise as the company tries to bring the next billion people online. The Data Science team at Hike mines one of the richest and biggest data repositories in India to power interesting applications in the areas of Conversational AI, Recommender Systems, Computer Vision and Social Network Analysis etc.


Before Hike, Debdoot was leading data science programs at Myntra focused on personalization and customer analytics. Prior to this, he worked for IBM Research where he investigated problems related to enterprise search and information extraction. Debdoot is a regular speaker at various AI and ML forums and shares closes ties with the research community. He has co-authored over 20 papers at top tier international conferences and filed over 25 patents. Debdoot graduated from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi at the top of the class.

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