JOB-A-THON - September 2022

Online 24-09-2022 12:00 AM to 02-10-2024 11:59 PM
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Data Engineering jobs are rapidly emerging among the hottest jobs in the analytics industry. Every organisation is looking for skilled and intelligent data engineers to help clean the data, join the data, massage it, and build good quality data pipelines. 

Are you looking to get into your dream Data Engineering job with a top company? If yes, the JOB-A-THON Data Engineering Hiring Event is here to give you the best opportunity to fulfil your dream !!!

Analytics Vidhya presents "JOB-A-THON" - India's Largest Data Engineering Hiring Event, where every data engineering enthusiast and big data professional will get the opportunity to showcase their skills and get a chance to interview with top companies for leading job roles in Data Engineering, Big Data & Analytics.

Stay tuned to know more about Participating Companies & Job Opportunities

Participating Companies & Job Opportunities

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Open Job Profiles (Stay tuned for more)

1 Cogito Data Engineer
2 Eucloid Data Engineer
3 EXL Data Engineer
Azure Data Engineer
Data Architect-Sr.DataEngineer - Offshore
Data Engineer - Offshore - v1
Analytics Consultant – Data Engineer
Data Engineer – PySpark/Big Data
4 Holcim Data Engineer
5 Jet2Travel Technologies Senior Test Engineer – Data Engineering
Senior Developer - Data Engineering
6 L&T Finance Data Engineer
7 Data Engineer
8 Ripik Technology Data Engineer
9 RSA Data Engineer
10 Schneider Electric Data Engineer - Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
Data Engineer
11 Symphony AI Data QC Analyst
Data Engineer AWS
12 TVS Credit Senior Data Engineer
13 Zepto Data Engineer
Data Architect

Why should you participate?

JOB-A-THON Data Engineering Hiring Event is the ultimate opportunity for all data engineering and big data enthusiasts to interview top companies across India who is looking to hire the best talent for data engineering and big data roles. Be it top MNCs or fast-growing startups, we have multiple job openings across different industry verticals and various cities in India (including Bangalore, Pune, Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Chennai & Hyderabad)

Who should participate?

Open for all data engineering enthusiasts, Big Data Engineers, ML Engineers, and students.

How does JOB-A-THON work?

Rules of Participation

  1. The contest starts on 24th September 2022, 00:00:00 (IST). The data set and the problem statement will be released at the same time.

  2. Entries submitted after the contest ends will not be considered.

  3. Only Individual participation is allowed in this Event.

  4. Use of an external dataset is not allowed.

  5. Participation is free-of-charge.

  6. Throughout the Event, you are expected to respect fellow hackers and act with high integrity.

  7. Analytics Vidhya holds the right to disqualify any participant at any stage of the competition if the participant(s) are deemed to be acting fraudulently.

  8. In case of any dispute over rankings and leaderboard, the decision of Analytics Vidhya shall be final.

  9. Interview shortlisting will be done by specific companies basis their criteria (apart from leaderboard ranking)


Please register/login to participate in the contest

Please register to participate in the contest

Please register to participate in the contest


Hear it from JOB-A-THON Alumni who secured their Dream Jobs!

JOB-A-THON - June 2022
Never loose hope in job search for DS roles, it will be hard sometime but find all possible way patiently, develope your skills attend hackathons and platforms like analytics vidhya will definitely help with that.
JOB-A-THON - April 2022
When every other companies were asking for experienced candidate, JOB-A-THON let me showcase my skills and helped me to land to my dream job.
JOB-A-THON - May 2021
Keeping participating in the hackathons irrespective of the result of last hackathon. Go through the solutions provided by others and feel free to connect with others to grow your network.
Learn and challenge yourself daily for growth with new problems. Just like how ML algos work decrease the difference between new and old learnings (loss) however improve your knowledge and wisdom(metric).
JOB-A-THON - November 2021
I always had a keen interest in analytics, but was not getting an opportunity, AV helped me through the hackathon, which involved me to perform and get interviews, all on the work that i put in. It amazes you when you find a job through hackathon, and AV helped me do that.
JOB-A-THON - June 2021
"In June 2021, Analytics Vidhya conducted a hiring competition, JOB-A-THON, in which many companies participated to provide job opportunities to candidates. The competition was about applying Data Engineering techniques. In which multiple datasets are given, and we have to structure them as per the problem statement. I got 12th position in that competition. A few days later of the competition, I got a call from a company for an interview. After successful completion of 3 rounds of interviews, I got offer to join The Smart Cube in a full-time Data Engineer role."
JOB-A-THON - June 2021
It was a great experience to compete with techies around the country. The forums and support team were very helpful. It helped me to get interviewed by a few great companies in the country and I got selected for a position which I expected.
JOB-A-THON - April 2022
Good place to participate and showcase your knowledge. Chance to standout for good companies.
JOB-A-THON - September 2021
"I am using Analytics Vidhya platform from my post-graduation. This helps me a lot in learn and understand my field better and most importantly to enhance my coding skills. During finding a job, I used to participate in almost every suitable hackathon, Job-A-thon. And that's how I got my dream job. Thanks a lot to Analytics Vidhya platform and team which helped me to get my dream job. "
JOB-A-THON - August 2022
Analytics Vidhya is a great platform to learn and to compete with the best talents for your dream job. I am grateful to them and wish that they keep delivering people their dream jobs.
JOB-A-THON - September 2021
Work hard on the things you believe in, things slowly will take shape.
JOB-A-THON - August 2022
I got the role I desired. Many thanks to the Analytics Vidhya team for following up on my jobathon submission to find a good match company. It's an excellent platform for learning and sharing data science at all levels. It immensely assisted in my data science journey and I definitely recommend it.
JOB-A-THON - February 2022
Your one stop destination to land in a dream data Science job.
JOB-A-THON - August 2022
Analytics Vidhya has been my go-to-platform for most of my data science related queries and POCs. I was fascinated by the Job-A-Thon competitions, which were conducted based on various real world data science problems. The ranking against various data scientists world-wide, pushed me to think differently on various problems and kept me on my toes throughout the event. I thank Analytics Vidhya for giving me the opportunity to board a flight with Jet2TT as a Machine Learning Engineer.
JOB-A-THON - June 2021
It is perfect platform to showcase your skills and get opportunity to interact with various companies. Its unique opportunity to learn and showcase your skills with real world problems. I would highly recommend participating in such events by Analytics Vidhya.



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